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Why Quickstep?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

When picking the right dance studio for you and your family it often comes down to what exactly you want your child to learn from their experience. Is it a certain level of competition? Social skills? Character development? All of these have a time and a place and we are dedicated to creating a program centered around allowing students to dance and grow at their own pace, and their own comfort level. From the casual beginner to the serious competitor we can help you grow.

So why choose Quickstep? Our core values and the development of our dancers are our top priority.

Character and Leadership Building

We hold all of our dancers to high a standard of behavior in class. All of our faculty have taught at schools and have dealt with varying levels of accommodations. We know exactly how to manage a class for all levels of dancers and are adept at keeping your child on track for their goals.

Developing executive skills in an environment outside of school is critical to helping your child grow. As they advance in levels we have opportunities for leadership roles within the studio, including a thriving teaching assistant program, as well as opportunities to lead activities for other members at the studio, and in the community.


With a faculty where many have master's degrees, and advanced dance teaching certifications, we clearly value education. Our curriculum is specifically tailored to prepare your child for a college program. By smoothing that transition and help with scholarship applications we are able to help ensure success in their next stages of life. If they desire to teach we have programs in place to help them develop class room management skills, learn how to choreograph and teach the basics.

Social Skill Development

In a day and age where learning how to interact with our peers is increasingly difficult we pride ourselves on creating activities and events where they develop these skills naturally. From our annual Christmas Party to master classes to assisting younger classes your child will find ways to develop these skills in an environment that is both friendly and inviting. Because of this focus we encourage them to put down their devices and participate in team dinners, service projects and movie nights.

Hard Work

All things come at a price, it's just whether or not we are willing to pay that price that determines if we will achieve our goals. Our dancers are no strangers to hard work, especially our competitive programs. But we also believe in learning to have fun while you work, and many of our dancers graduate from our programs with life-long friendships. Our prepared lesson plans allow our teachers to focus during class time and our transition time between classes allow them to bond with our students and encourage them in all of their endeavors.

Making and Keeping Commitments

We believe in helping our students find opportunities to make and keep commitments to themselves and to each other. It's important to learn how to keep your word and be willing to push yourself to follow through on your goals. It isn't always easy, but it is always worth it. This goes beyond just the commitments that they made to our team, but commitments that they have made in all aspects of their lives. We recognize how incredibly busy your child is, and want them to communicate with us so we can help them keep their commitments to their team and all of the many things they have going on.


It is so easy to focus on the competition placement we didn't get or the team we didn't make, or the mistake that we made in our last performance. As we continue to see a decline in the mental health of teenagers we decided that there was a need to change our focus. By seeking out service projects and opportunities to serve our teammates and broader community we have seen tremendous growth in all of our students. Finding a way to step outside of yourself and realize how much we have, can only make us more grateful. Gratitude leads to humility and only the humble and teachable and can truly become champions.

At Quickstep we strive to demonstrate our mantra champions in training through our core values. There are few places where you will find a group of students and faculty more committed to continuing to develop their character and grow as individuals.

See you on the dance floor!

--Annie Topham, Owner/Artistic Director

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