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If you live in Lehi and you’re looking for the best ballroom classes for kids, Quickstep Dance Studio in Sandy is your best choice. We have been shaping Lehi children’s futures for years with our ballroom dancing lessons and ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling classes.


At Quickstep Dance, we’re proud of our ballroom dance team — we compete all over the local area, vying for ribbons, medals and trophies. Our team dancers are dedicated to their discipline and they practice hard to prepare for competitions.  

If you think your child might be interested in our ballroom dance team, you may want to enroll them in additional dance classes to prepare them for their audition. Our ballroom dance team is required to take technique classes as part of their training, so they are always improving.  

Taking part in competitions and performing for others are important skills our students learn that help them build confidence in all areas of their lives.

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As great an experience as it is to be on our ballroom dance team, it’s not for everyone. Competition is rigorous, and for some students, the pressure and stress are too much. They prefer to take ballroom dancing classes for fun. And we assure you, our students love our ballroom classes for kids. It’s a great way to develop poise, grace and agility — all skills that easily translate to other areas of life.  

Not all kids are cut out to play sports, and dancing classes are a great alternative. It’s a full-body workout, where kids develop strength, flexibility, stamina and more. When kids who have tried other activities that didn’t work out for them arrive here, we see the joy and excitement in their faces that they finally have found a fun extracurricular that they look forward to participating in. 

Whether your child is on the ballroom dance team or not, ballroom dance is a great addition to your child’s resume for college. It’s a respected form of dance, but it is much less common than others such as ballet or hip-hop. And partner dance helps kids develop different skills, such as working with others and anticipating movements.


When you find the right place for your child — the place they love to be more than anywhere — you want to make sure they get there. That’s how it is with ballroom dancing classes for kids. Your child may have tried painting classes, soccer and swimming lessons, but none of them seemed to really excite them. So when you see your child’s eyes light up when they tell you about how much they loved ballroom class or when you see them take part in a recital, you will know your child has found their niche. 

Ballroom studios for kids are not common in Utah, and that’s why our students come from Lehi and all over the surrounding areas to our ballroom classes for kids. At Quickstep, we’re special: We’re experienced and we’re dedicated to your child’s learning and happiness. Contact us today to learn more about ballroom dancing classes for kids from Lehi.

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