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Does your child love to dance? Are they always tapping out a rhythm with their feet? Do they have an appreciation for different types of music? Sign them up for ballroom dance lessons! Quickstep Dance Studio is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Herriman, and taking ballroom dance lessons with us can make a major difference in your child’s life!


There’s pressure to be “cool” when you’re a kid, and that’s why hip hop and contemporary styles of dance tend to be popular. As dance teachers who truly love what dance brings to the lives of both children and adults, we support all kinds of dance lessons.  

However, one aspect of ballroom dancing classes that set it apart from other forms of dance is that it is always done with a partner. Dancing with a partner can be intimidating at any age, and many adults today never learned how to do it. That is what spurred the popularity of intensive dance lessons for couples getting married. 


Some children are good at everything: academics, sports, dance, socializing. But most are not. And finding your niche in an athletics-centric society can be daunting. That’s one way ballroom dance lessons can help children in Herriman feel like they fit in — here in our dance studio, they discover something they are good at and love. It is said that one of the three keys to happiness in life is to have one or more fulfilling hobbies. 

Additionally, ballroom dance lessons are a great workout. If you don’t believe us, take note of how hungry your child is after their first class! If your child runs away when a ball is thrown in their direction and would rather read than ride a bicycle, don’t worry — they can get their exercise at our ballroom dance classes for kids. 



Some children gravitate toward the competitive side of everything, and ballroom dance is no exception. Here at Quickstep, we have a ballroom dance team that works hard all season to win at competitions. The ultimate validation for months of hard work is a ribbon, medal or trophy kids can display at home.  

Being part of a competitive dance team (no matter how often or whether you ever win) shows exceptional dedication and is a great addition to your child’s resume for college.  

Sometimes our teachers will approach certain students who show a notable talent and recommend that they audition for our ballroom dance team, but any student who seems interested in trying out for the team should let us know. The earlier they start preparing, taking extra classes such as ballet, tap and jazz, the better their chances of making the team. We also offer tumbling classes and technique classes to help students sharpen and perfect their moves. 

Is your child interested in ballroom dancing classes? Our studio in Sandy serves the entire area south of Salt Lake City, including Herriman. Contact us today with any questions you may have about ballroom classes for kids. 

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