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Does your child show an interest in dance? Do they love to watch dancing videos and dance along? If so, it’s time to get them into ballroom dancing classes! Quickstep Dance, northern Utah’s premier studio in Sandy for ballroom dance lessons, is less than 20 minutes away from Murray, and here is where children grow and blossom into confident, talented dancers.


With the abundance of enrichment classes available to children today, some of them may feel overwhelmed or pressured to find an area in which they specialize. If soccer, horseback riding, tennis, art or gymnastics didn’t seem to appeal to your child, don’t give up. Try ballroom dance lessons.  

Ballroom dance lessons offer children from Murray a unique form of self-expression that isn’t available via other outlets. For instance, ballroom dance is one of the few genres in which students engage in partner dance. 

Exposing your child to partner dancing with ballroom dance lessons at an early age teaches them poise, grace and confidence that they can use not just on the dance floor, but in all areas of their lives. Your child will be comfortable dancing with others, interacting and being noticed — all scenarios that can otherwise be terrifying to tweens and teens. 

Additionally, ballroom classes for kids in Murray provide them the exercise they need in a format in which they are comfortable (unlike gym class). 


Many of our students enjoy ballroom dance lessons simply for the fun of it — moving their bodies in time to the music. Others show a deeper appreciation for dance and may express a desire early on to add ballet, tap and jazz into their schedule. These extra classes can only deepen their skills and love of dance. These students, who truly feel more at home at Quickstep Dance Studio than anywhere else, are often the type who are right for our ballroom dance team. 

Our ballroom dance team (by audition only), trains hard and attends a number of competitions each season. To improve their performance, our dance team members are required to take technique classes, which helps them perfect their moves on the dance floor.  

If your child has aspirations of becoming part of our dance team, sign them up for technique classes to give them the best opportunity of making the team on their first try. 



While there may be no dearth of dance studios in northern Utah, Quickstep Dance Studio is one of very few that specializes in ballroom classes for kids. We’re unique in that, and that we also offer ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling classes. We want our students to be amazing ballroom dancers, and to be well-rounded all-around dancers as well. 

For more information about ballroom classes for kids from Murray, Utah, contact us today. 

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