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When you’re looking for a unique enrichment activity for your children, consider ballroom dancing at Quickstep Dance Studio. Located just minutes from Holladay in Sandy, Quickstep teaches ballroom classes for kids from all over the local area. Children love movement and expression, and some are simply born to dance.


Dancing is the perfect activity for kids who love being active but hate sports. Ballroom dance lessons teach children poise, grace and rhythm, which translates to many other forms of dancing as well as other activities.  
Ballroom classes also instill confidence in students. Until they find their niche, some students are teased for not being good at or interested in sports, and it might make them feel clumsy. Taking ballroom dancing classes restores their faith in themselves and helps them see how graceful and strong they really are. 
It’s a great workout too. Your kids will gain strength and flexibility, build endurance and burn calories while at ballroom dance lessons. Your child doesn’t have to run laps or do drills to stay active — it’s more important that they find an activity they love that works for them.

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At Quickstep, we stress having fun while learning a new discipline. Our students love coming to ballroom dance classes. Some love it so much that they aspire to be on our ballroom dance team, which competes throughout the area. Some students thrive on competition and love winning ribbons, medals and trophies. Others have no eyes for competition, and that is completely OK. Whether your child dances for fun or recognition is their choice. 

Sometimes we will recommend certain students try out for our ballroom dance team, which is by audition only. In these children, we see special potential. But any child is welcome to try out. If they don’t make the ballroom dance team on the first try, we can tell them what to work on so they can make it next time. 

Getting them additional instruction in our ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling classes can help. These classes can quickly help kids develop the technique necessary to qualify for the ballroom dance team.


Ballroom Classes for Holladay Kids 

While there is no dearth of dance studios in northern Utah, not many specialize in ballroom dancing for kids. A child who participates in ballroom dancing classes can have an edge over others on their college applications, since ballroom dancing is more specialized than other forms of dance, such as hip-hop and ballet. 

When you live in Holladay and you’re Googling “ballroom dance classes near me,” you’ll find that the best, closest studio is Quickstep Dance in Sandy. Give your child an amazing opportunity, and sign them up for ballroom dance classes for kids at Quickstep.

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