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Our junior high and high school teams are audition only.

We'd love to have you come and audition for our program! Unfortunately we have already had auditions for our 2022-2023 school year. We do often take students in the middle of the year for various reasons. We offer a wide range of teams from competitive to performance teams. Contact us to find out more!

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    Mon, Aug 29
    Quickstep Dance Studio
    Aug 29, 2022, 4:00 PM
    Quickstep Dance Studio, 9524 S 500 W, Sandy, UT 84070, USA
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Ballroom dancing is a fun and exciting form of dance, and at QuickStep Dance, we take it to the competitive level, maintaining two ballroom dance teams here in Sandy, UT. We compete locally, vying for bronze, silver and gold titles.

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Ballroom dancing has been around for centuries, but became especially popular after it was showcased in so many Hollywood movies in the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. Today, you can see ballroom dancing in almost every city in America, as well as on and off Broadway. Competitions for best ballroom dancers are held all over the world.

Dancers who compete in ballroom dancing establish a foundation in competitive partner dance that will serve them in many capacities, including working as a dancer in the theater, on cruise ships or participating in competitions as an adult.

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Why Competitive Ballroom Dance?

Kids today compete in all kinds of contests, from sports to science to spelling bees. Dance is a legitimate and respected artform and while most people do it because it’s fun and they love it so much, they want the opportunity to show off and prove their skills the same way a quarterback or a gymnast does.

The best way to see your progress as a ballroom dancer is to work toward making the team, then performing and winning medals. This type of experience gives kids a healthy dose of the self-confidence they need to go on to college and adult life.

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Our founder, Annie Topham, has been ballroom dancing most of her life and competed on the Brigham Young University team, touring the world and working with some of the best coaches in the industry. She returned to her home in Sandy, UT, to set up her dancing school and instill her love of ballroom dancing in others.

She is assisted by a team of professional dancers and teachers who have had the opportunity to dance around the world, including at the Olympics and Disney World. Not every great dancer makes a great teacher, but our teachers have proven themselves by leading other dance teams to winning titles. They possess an important combination of skills in just the right ratios, motivating dancers to achieve without undermining their self-confidence.

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Best Ballroom Dancing Studio in Sandy, UT

The students on our ballroom dancing team take ballroom dance lessons plus classes in other disciplines such as technique and conditioning. Besides ballroom dancing classes, our studio offers ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, cross training, combo classes and tumbling. Our ballroom classes for kids are especially popular, and we keep our eye out for proteges to add to our competitive junior high and high school teams.

Our competitive ballroom dance team here in Sandy, UT, is by audition only. We sometimes add to the team midyear, however, so contact us for a private audition.

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QuickStep Dance looks forward to seeing your child dancing on our competitive ballroom dance team.

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